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Went to pick up some new bras since a local store was having a Buy One Get One Free sale & I had a gift card. Picture this scene: an obese, balding, hairy, greasy looking man, topless in the lingerie department, trying on bras right out on the sales floor. Leering at himself in the mirrors as he kneaded his flabby, bra covered moobs; all but groaning & drooling as he'd knead, dropping a hand to his crotch every few seconds to dig & pull at it before trying another bra. I'm 100% positive he was masturbating right there. Afraid to confront him myself, I reported it to the saleswoman who informed me that he comes in regularly to do this and she is not allowed to stop him or ask him to leave or she will be fired. I'll be ordering my intimate wear directly from the manufacturer from now on. I'll never be able to un-see that. I'm scarred for life. Can you imagine being a pre-teen girl picking out your first bras, and being exposed to that?


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