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Both my sister and I have used women's showers at public campgrounds where males entered. For her, she was exiting one of the shower stalls and a naked male was standing in the aisle. For me, a male was sitting on a bench amongst all the women in line for the stalls/drying off. Everyone seems to have just assumed it is right for males to be in the females showers, and that to keep them to the male showerhouses is unjust for some reason. NO ONE has considered the impact on females. These showerhouses and bathrooms are open 24/7 as they are for campsites. I have had men try to follow me in to bathrooms, I have had men break into bathrooms in other places to get at me. Allowing some males into female bathrooms means that potentially ANY male could get in. Both my sister and I know that if we report these males in the showers, we would be banned from the campsite and the organization we were attending with.


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