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I've worked in the charitable sector for years and it's a sector almost entirely full of women workers and run by women. Used to have a strong old fashioned feminist sensibility. This was a big reason I chose to work there.

Over past 5-10 years I have seen this sector which works with the most vulnerable people totally consumed by gender ideology with no debate. Everyone is expected to introduce themselves with their pronouns, every website has to show a transactivist flag, every program or presentation meant for women has to be for "gender diverse" people too or "for anyone who identifies as a woman". (For heaven's sake, I got invited to a boring old session on building women's financial literacy which anxiously promoted itself as being for "trans and gender diverse people" too - is there not enough female poverty to be going on with?)

There seems to be an unspoken fear that doing or even saying anything that's just about women is morally wrong and makes you a wicked person ("exclusive"). Incredibly distressing seeing otherwise good charities actively pushing gender ideology at their clients, especially kids. (Check out websites of youth mental health charities some time.) And many clients too confused or unconfident to question it.

Hardest thing for me is coming to terms with the fact that however patriarchal this ideology is, here it is almost entirely women who are leading and enabling it. In my experience, mostly women from the upper management or else very ambitious (and very indoctrinated) young professional women. Lower level workers and clients just have to cop it.


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