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Recently have begun to accept that I am a lesbian (and not just somebody who couldn't 'make relationships work'). I got a better phone and tried a lesbian-only dating app that matched me with somebody whose bio described as both 'female' and a 'lesbian' and their picture seemed to reflect this. Spent over two hours communicating with this person, during which I mentioned I was new to dating apps and was a bit nervous about it. Soon, something they said in the conversation seemed 'off' and I asked if they could send a selfie to put my mind at ease. The person sent a random picture of themselves from seemed not very recent and at a long distance. I insisted again, and the selfie distinctly had them obscuring what was obviously their Adam's apple. The worst thing about it was the way they had been saying things like "It's understandable to be nervous" etc, trying to sound considerate when the whole time they were lying. Before I blocked them they sent some pleading message about how 'nobody talks to them on here'. Not surprised. App deleted.


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