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I work as a teacher at a Victorian government school.

A male student has a trans identity: his 'gender' is listed as female on the

computer system, he has a female name etc. I have no personal problem

with this student as a person. I have a duty of care towards him, as to all of my students.

I have a problem with his wants being prioritised over girls' rights.

Before this boy ever declared a trans identity he trained hard in his sport.

He had an artwork published, with some public funding, in which he detailed

his pain and struggle about how he felt rejected and excluded in his event,

because of the cruelty and judgement of others, especially 'cis' girls, in not

embracing him in the girls' events. I'm not sure what this referred to,

because at school sports he competes in female categories.

Victorian Education Department policy is to affirm students' identities.

On the sports days, events are for 'those who identify as . . .'

Anyway, on the sports day he won every single race he entered, in the girls categories.

The 'cis' girls all ran up to hug him immediately beaming. He is very popular.

Adults all stood around watching this. I feel so much anger towards the adults

who are teaching these girls that their role is to make this confused young man

feel accepted and affirmed. That they don't matter.

Oh well, it is only school. It is only one kid. It is only girls.


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