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I was a resident at The Delores Project, a women's domestic violence shelter in Denver Colorado that allows transwomen to stay there. I stayed at Delores between 2015 and 2018.

While there, I was assaulted by a transwoman who also stayed there. Even though I was covered in bruises, the staff and volunteers at Delores insisted there was nothing they could do about it. They did not evict the transwoman who assaulted me or punish them in any way. In fact, they instructed me to cease discussing the assault, or else they would evict me to the streets.

Also during my stay there, there was another man in his early 20s who also claimed to be a transwoman despite dressing like any regular guy and not physically transitioning in any way. This young man slept in the same dorm area as the women residents, where the women undressed and changed clothes. Eventually this young man was evicted after being caught a second time masturbating in the dorm area (from his bed). I remember the women expressing they were uncomfortable with the transwomen being there, but they would whisper these concerns amongst themselves and almost never to staff. We all knew the staff/management would evict women before they would evict the transwomen no matter the situation.

Even though I was a transman, I knew I wasn't as protected as the transwomen were at Delores. And I don't know how to explain why I was valued less than a transwomen, other than to conclude it was because of my biological sex (which is female).


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