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A Facebook group formed in response to a number of high profile rapes that occurred in Australia's Parliament House, perpetrated by one man against four women. This was followed by revelations that a federal Cabinet minister (since named as the Attorney-General, Christian Porter) was accused of raping a 16 year old girl in 1988 who had later committed suicide. Initially the group was named Women for Equality - Australia and protests were being organised. A zoom meeting was held where they decided that pussy hats would be part of upcoming protests. A woman in the comments said 'not all women have a vulva' and from there, the group descended into the most disgusting infighting and silencing of women - including women who had suffered rape and sexual assault. Ironically, part of their protest message was around the silencing of rape victims.

The group was then renamed March 4 Justice, which many women pointed out could mean absolutely anything. A trans 'woman' was added to the admin team who proceeded to post about how the decision was made that it was an 'inclusive' group. This meant any woman who objected to the name change or how the message had been diluted by including trans 'women' in a protest that was about women being subject to male sexual violence, were kicked out. Many women left of their own accord. I was banned for commenting 'some trans women rape women and as such are to be treated with the same caution as any other man.' Many were utterly appalled at being told by a trans 'woman' what they could and couldn't say with respect to their personal experiences of male sexual violence. Many decided they would not participate in the protests.


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