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Was using a public women's bathroom after having a few drinks with a friend at night, came out to wash my hands and there was a man in there. I nearly jumped out of my skin. If someone is truly transgender and wishes to be a female I think it’s important they not dress and have facial hair like a man and truly make an effort to dress and look like a woman because for all I know this was just a pervy guy trying to take advantage of drunk women in a public bathroom. How would we know the difference otherwise? Thank you for caring enough to ask for a woman’s opinion instead of assuming the rights of a very very tiny minority of society are more important than those of 50% of the population. In the future will the winners of prime minister elections be those with the least amount of votes because they must be vulnerable? What happened to democracy where everyone gets a vote instead of just a loud few people. I agree with the concept of a third bathroom space that could be used by anyone as then I would use that as I would be mentally prepared to run into absolutely anyone in the bathroom but when it says ‘female bathroom’ I don’t expect to see a long haired bearded fellow in there with me.


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