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At Scarborough Beach in WA there is a long row of gender neutral toilets inside separate cubicles. They aren't sex/gender segregated. I understand this is part of a move to introduce gender neutral facilities to public spaces so as not to offend some people. The problem is that there are no urinals and the toilets are usually covered in urine. They have that stench that only seems to come from men's loos. The local council who got these installed seem to have forgotten that men stand up to wee and women sit down to wee. Many men don't care where their urine lands.

Women are having to sit in men's urine to use these toilets. Naturally, this means men are more comfortable using these toilets than women are, and we are the ones again inconvenienced by the new gender ideology. There are sex-segregated toilets further away from the main strip but it would be too far to walk with children etc. I visit Scarborough often and fear taking my young daughter into the toilets because they are often covered in urine on the seat and floor. Foul and dirty, but young children don't know not to touch everything they see. I rarely see women's only toilets in this state.

It would be much better if the loos were sex segregated.


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