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The following are translated extracts from a statement by a French feminist collective. The original article is here.

"We, the signers of this forum, testify to having experienced gender-based, punitive and sexual violence aimed at "correcting" our sexual orientation within spaces presenting themselves as LGBTQIAP+. It is not an urban legend. These are not isolated cases. Moreover, when following these attacks, we undertake to create other spaces to meet in complete safety and together to live our homosexuality serenely, we still suffer from bullying (physical attacks, cyber harassment ...) from the traditional far right but also from activists who wear visual symbols of anti-fascism (the anti-fascist movement, which has existed for a long time, of course does a lot of resistance work, but we see that today,some fascists abuse it)."


"This gives an idea of ​​what we have been facing for two or three years already, when we try for example to organize dance evenings or single-sex football tournaments in spaces that are however private. When we speak of punitive sexual violence, I insist, we are not exaggerating: those concerned recognize it themselves, since it suffices to see with what violence their threats are spread openly on social networks ... when they have, as their sole argument, accused their contradicators of "hatred" and "moral violence", all outbursts seem permitted to them."


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