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I've noticed that some younger and older women seem to spend a considerable amount of their emotional resources, particularly online, encouraging and validating transwomen's sense being a "a pretty, attractive woman" as they might a female friend if that friend wanted or needed such validation or assurance.

Yet, it's much more than basic encouragement. It's almost as if these women have fallen into a default supportive role of supporting transwomen being 'real women' via a focus on fashion, beauty tips and continual feedback and reassurance.

This worries me because it feels like transwomen's need for constant reasurrance about being 'real women' is being met somehow by some biologically born females taking it on themselves, or believing that they have to be such reassurers and advocates for transwomen. Perhaps even instead of championing themselves and their female friends and their needs and pursuits in life.

Once again it's not unlike like a woman having to buck up and support a man all the time (albeit a man who believes he's a woman or wants to be one).


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