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The incident I had was when using the toilets in a pub - just an ordinary pub. There were a couple of trans-identified males in the pub where I was drinking. They appeared to be a couple and by the way they were behaving, fetishists. I was playing them at pool at one point and was getting along OK with them. Their behaviour was highly sexualised - one of them would wiggle their PVC clad bottom at the other to distract from taking a shot. In the main area of the pub I found this tolerable. Later in the evening I when I went to use the toilet I could hear them both in the cubicle next to me. At this point again I wasn't too bothered. However, when I left my cubicle and was at the washbasin washing my hands and applying some lipstick, one of the two opened the door of their cubicle wide, revealing the other sitting on the loo with their legs wide apart. I felt that this was part of their roleplay and that they intended for me to see it. I didn't actually see genitalia. In the privacy of the ladies' loo this act made me feel very uncomfortable indeed. I felt unable to challenge their behaviour for fear of being accused of transphobia.


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