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In Australia and around the world, legislation is being introduced that replaces sex with gender identity. Advocates insist that there is no conflict of interest. But governments are not collecting data on the impacts of this legislative change. We're worried about the impacts on women of men using women-only spaces, including but not limited to: changing rooms, fitting rooms, bathrooms, shelters, rape and domestic violence refuges, gyms, spas, sports, schools, accommodations, hospital wards, shortlists, prizes, quotas, political groups, prisons, clubs, events, festivals, dating apps, and language. If we can't collect data, we can at least collect stories. Please tell us how your use of women-only spaces has been impacted. All stories will be published anonymously. If you know of other women who have been impacted, please encourage them to tell their stories too.

This site is run from Australia, New Zealand members of the LGB Defence, and Speak Up for Women, supported by LGB Alliance.

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My university converted the bathrooms to unisex to make them “accessible to people of all genders.” I heard some guys having a “fun” chat about jerking off in there. I don’t feel comfortable using them anymore.

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Before COVID, I had finally worked up the nerve to attend a support group for "battered women." I was raped by my then-boyfriend, who had been physically abusive leading up to it. At the time of the rape, my only outside contact was with my boyfriend's brother, as I had been isolated from my friends and family over the years. I confided in him, and he provided every excuse under the sun. Maybe I hadn't said "no" loud enough. Maybe he had an ear infection because he's prone to getting those so he couldn't hear clearly (yes, really). It took another year for me to leave. It took five for me to talk about it with anyone, but when I finally felt brave enough, I didn't know why I had waited so long. Here was a group of women who understood where I was coming from; they had been through what I had. It was life-changing. Three sessions in, an obvious male appeared in this women's-only group. One woman was immediately vocal about being against it, but the rest of us (including me, which I regret, needless to say) scolded her for not being inclusive enough. Occasionally he would pipe up with an excuse or victim-blaming for one of our exes that sounded so much like my boyfriend's brother it started to open my eyes. He would defend this as what he called "gentle devil's advocate" and claim it "helped keep us grounded from our grief." What happened next was a horrible chain of events involving this male getting a boner during a meeting, being found to have sent dickpics to other members, and it would become known he had not only not been abused, he had never actually dated a male at all, let alone an abusive one. In telling this story, the reaction has mostly been the same: "Oh, that's awful... But it's she/her, she's still a woman." Are you kidding me?

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Non-binary identified male attempted sexual assault 3 times of trans-identified and LGB women in the gender-neutral dormitory while they were asleep and/or intoxicated. Women had no recourse or privacy from this person considering he lived with females. Campus police were predictably not much of a help but I think most importantly, women had to change and go to the bathroom with this person and had no right to privacy from them. Of course, this individual denied all male-pattern violence, even as they dated underage women and used every opportunity to invade female only spaces and coerce or outright force unwilling females (trans-identified or not) to be sexually active.

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