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This is not a story of a single incident, rather an attitude that is becoming so invasive it is eroding the rights of women.

Tracey Holmes (an ABC sports writer) recently quoted a Canadian trans-woman athlete. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the article to cite directly. But this trans-woman compared his experience of transitioning to going through instant menopause. Now, how can a person born a male know what going through menopause feels like?

I am a 48 year old woman, I am currently experiencing peri-menopause. So after 33 years of monthly periods my ovaries no longer expel unfertilised eggs on a regular basis. My natural hormones are fluctuating, the ageing process really kicks in, and eventually that part of my womanhood will stop completely. It is the natural life process of being a woman.

To have this experience belittled by a man who identifies as a woman is insulting. To have Tracey Holmes validate this person by requoting his comment is insulting. To have the ABC (the national public broadcaster) publish this comment is insulting.

It demeans the very essence of what it is to be female. It shows the arrogance and ignorance of this trans-woman. For a man to espouse the experience of menopause, and for the ABC to publish it is astounding.

If men feel the need to change their appearance, to surgically alter their bodies go for it. But they will ever know what it is like to be a woman, and as such should not be invading our spaces... including the menstrual!


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