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When I was nine years old a group of boys chased me and held me down and put their hands down my undies and up my skirt. I don't remember how I got away but I did, and the chase was on again - I remember getting a bloody knee while tripping but I just got back up and kept running to the girls toilet. The reason why those boys (monsters) stopped chasing me was because it was the girls toilets. Can you imagine what would have happened to me if they allowed boys claim to identify as girls into the girls toilets at that school?

It was a Yr-1 to Yr -7 school in Perth WA, and when I told my teacher she didn't believe me - even when I pointed to the bruises and bloody knee. She told me to stop making up stories. Those boys didn't get in trouble, I did. The teacher said "even if you are telling the truth I bet you deserved it". I'm the quiet girl people forget.


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