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I was cotton ceiling-ed by a trans-identified male on Facebook by DM. He was wanting to come up and hang out with me. I wasn't interested, I said 'No, I am same-sex attracted', and that I'm only interested in being friends. The next thing I'm being called a genital fetishist and a transphobe! I have never had this happen before, so I contacted an admin of the lesbian group he was on, and complained. Then I called my friend and told her about this trans-identified male trying to come onto me, and I sent her a picture of him. There was a long silence on the phone, and then my friend told me his real name, and exclaimed that he was married to her neice and was a father of three children! My friend called her daughter-in-law and showed her the photo, and she agreed that it was her cousin's husband. After that, my friend contacted the admin of the lesbian group on Facebook and told her he is not a lesbian as he has a penis, and the admin removed him.


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