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The current state of affairs has been in the making for some decades. About 20 years ago I acted pro bono for an Order of nuns who ran, among other charitable programs, a refuge for women and children who had been forced to leave their homes due to domestic violence. A claim was brought against the Order by a trans person, of quite notable size and stature, because they had been refused a place in the refuge. The accomodation provided for the women and children at that time consisted of dormitory style rooms accomodating up to 10 beds. Bathrooms were shared. Despite the fear of many of the women I spoke to living there at the time, the Order was forced into mediation and into allowing trans people to live at the refuge. I doubt very much that the claimant had a need of protection from domestic violence or accommodation in the refuge but was simply aiming to make a test case for others to follow. I was appalled at this outcome and still get annoyed thinking about it to this day. How has it come to the point that biological women and their children who are escaping a violent household should be subject to a male person clearly not biologically female, but merely self-identifying as a 'woman', being allowed by law to live in a facility designed to keep women safe from the fear of male violence?


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