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I am writing to tell you about how there is a transwoman who is still allowed in to the women-only free lunch place, even though he has been involved in three incidents (not at the shelter) - one that police attended after a girl had to fight him off with a knife. This isn't firsthand information but I thought you might listen.

I don't know the legal situation but apparently their funding is contingent upon letting the T in? We have a shower there! And a laundry, food, and programs during the day. It says "women only" in the literature. My friends from when I was homeless go there.

I went to complain about a simple run-in I had with this transwoman but the staff didn't listen, and worse, they corrected my language and speech. The lady said her boss would call me back, but she didn't.

Word is, this person is banned from the shelter, but the staff who work there can't or won't refuse him. All the frail and low-IQ women are basically not coming to the shelter anymore. During my run-in with him he hassled the staff saying that he was being discriminated against. I have a lot of life experience and am not frail about run-ins, but this is different. A man on meth in a female-only space is very unsettling. I have only been back once since early 2018, despite needing to for simple reasons like having somewhere to go.


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