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A couple of days ago, I went to my local nail salon to get my nails done. It’s a pretty small place, but the women who work there are always so friendly and great at their job.

So I’m getting my nails painted, and it’s just me, one other customer, and 3 workers. About ten minutes before I’m finished, an AGP (autogynephile) walks in.

(From a distance I couldn’t quite tell if the person was a dude, but he had a shitty wig on with a hat on top, to hide the obvious wig, and the moment he speaks, he has a deep, VERY typical man's voice).

He asks for a pedicure. The worker sets everything up, all good to go, no dramas.

THE MOMENT he sits down, he starts practically interrogating the poor worker, in a louder-than-necessary voice (louder than when he first arrived, like he wanted all of us to hear him), about the Brazilian waxing they do.

“Does it hurt much?” “How quickly does the hair grow back?” “Do I have to spread the skin, or do you do that?” “Do you ever get people who sometimes enjoy it?” “Do I have to be completely naked for it?” “How far in do you go?” “Is it a problem if the person is a bit...wet, when you’re waxing them?”

Those last ten minutes were the most sickening, awkward and downright cringiest I have ever endured. The poor girl doing my nails was staring down at my nails but I could tell just how uncomfortable she was. Hell, EVERYONE but him was uncomfortable!! My fucking skin was crawling.

I really, really wish I had spoken up, but I honestly felt so fucking dirty and gross being in there listening to him talk like that, and wanted to fucking puke; it was almost like the verbal equivalent of some creep feeling you up.


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