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I read thru ur website and... I guess I have a story to share.

I was raped by a trans woman. And the trans woman ejaculated inside me justifying it with "you could always get an abortion".

It has truly damaged me this trauma. I was abused by males as a child and so when this happened as a young adult i felt like I could not escape sexual abuse. I have never "misgendered" this trans woman and yet I am told that I am "transphobic" for saying what happened to me was male violence.

It is the definition of male violence to rape a woman with your penis with the intent of forced impregnation.

Thank u for allowing a space online for women to share their stories. Trans people are not inherently bad people but when trans people are abusive it seems to be swept under the rug.

#canada #rape #sexualviolence #maleviolence #mvawg #silencing #specialclass

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