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Although it was many years now, I was just a young girl, 16 or 17 I think. I went into a bathroom at a function I had been attending with my brother. It was late at night and there was what I thought was a female at the mirror. I didn't really look, just walked into the toilet stall and came out when finished.

While I was washing my hands, ‘she’ (clearly a man who was transitioning) approached me. He was probably in his 40's I think. He was extremely tall, much bigger than me and i was terrified. He stroked my hair and told me I had the most beautiful hair he had ever seen and continued to run his hand down my hair and down my back. I was utterly terrified because I knew it was a man and I was all alone and the toilets were at the back of the building. Iniitally I froze as I was so scared but then managed to run out as fast as I could, but I've never forgotten it. I should have felt safe, I shouldn't have been put in a position where I had to deal with that. I shouldn't have been put in a position where I didn't feel safe.


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