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In the past few months so many places have turned their bathrooms over to "gender neutral" that I have found myself on a number of occasions having to use these unisex toilets.

Men and women use toilets differently, it's just a fact. Women generally sit down, men generally stand up. Even the smell of urine is different. The ghastly odor that hits you as you walk into the Unisex toilets at Marrickville library is the first thing you notice - men have splashed everywhere and women are expected to wade through it. It's vile.

It's not just the toilets there though, it's the unisex toilets everywhere I have been - they all smell the same, they all have the same issues of men's piss all over the floor and women having to wade through it all. Then there are the issues of sanitary bins, having men outside in the shared wash stand areas when women are trying to wash blood out of clothing, rinse out menstrual cups etc. It has certainly made me look for any way to avoid using unisex toilets and suggesting that we are just being "fussy" is unreasonable. It is not comfortable to be trying to do makeup in mirrors where men are also in the room, and the overwhelming smell is just rank.

In the case of the Marrickville Library, it now also means that children and adults are using the same toilets and there have been a number of issues regards child safeguarding because of this. Children traditionally go into the women's toilets where they are safer. Now they go into the unisex toilets where men also have a reason to go.

The end of this madness cannot come soon enough.


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