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I was a full-time carer for my partner after she developed early onset dementia. As a homosexual, her biggest fear was being sent to a facility where men were also accommodated. One night, she literally threw herself out of our bed with nightmares of being chased down the corridor by men. On the only occasion that I put her into a respite facility, I was assured they separated the men from the women.

The next morning I got there to find all doors were open and men were wandering into women's rooms. My partner was heavily sedated and complained of a sore head. I took her home and a couple of days later she had a massive bruise on the back of her head. We never went back. Numerous care workers in Aged Care Facilities cautioned me that no mixed facility could guarantee her safety and, even if she was raped (which was likely given her size and vulnerability and the inability of staff to supervise or segregate men), the perpetrator would not be prosecuted because both he and she lacked mental capacity.

I recently reached the age where I now qualify for aged care assistance and looked at the application form for in-home care. No doubt, I would be expected to allow anybody into my home that the care provider deemed 'suitable' (and I could see from the documentation that they have swallowed the Gender Identity Ideology Kool Aid) so, not only would I be expected to allow a biological man into my home to provide personal care, I would also be expected to allow a man who chooses to identify as a woman to do so - and we know what those men who pretend to be lesbians think of biological women who are real lesbians). I opted not to apply for assistance. I will manage as best I can on my own.


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