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We have a man who decided to come out as 'a woman', first wearing lipstick and nail polish, and then moved onto women’s clothing. We were forced at work to share the female bathrooms with this man.

I’m not fussed as to what one wants to do, but I do feel uncomfortable in the workplace having this man tell me what colour lipstick and nail polish to wear, and discuss his bra-fitting experience. Honestly, as a woman I don’t discuss these things with anywone I barely know, let alone a work colleague.

It seems to me that it's about showing and telling everyone what’s going on. Mind you this person still had their long beard! And would talk about war weapons and machine guns. I never felt comfortable. I was worried that I would walk into the bathroom and he would be there.

I feel women are being pushed into something we don’t all want. Our voices are being squashed by a new something I’m not sure about.


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