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Firstly at Scienceworks in Melbourne, their main toilet is unisex so you walk into the bathroom area and line up to wait for the cubicles to be free. On one occasion a few years ago I took my young daughters in and there were people in line, including two men. There was nothing unusual or threatening about these men whatsoever but I felt very uncomfortable and was glad I hadn't sent my daughters in on their own.

A couple of years ago I went with my husband to his appointment at an immunologist's office in Melbourne. It was very quiet and I went to the ladies toilet which had the symbols on there that showed it was also a transgender toilet. There was no one around and I felt very vulnerable knowing I could be using the toilet and a transgender woman could walk into the main area and be there when I walk out to wash my hands. I'm not transphobic, I would feel just as threatened and uncomfortable with any man there as I would a transgender woman.


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