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Recently I was out to dinner at a pub with my male partner. There was a quite obviously male person there in a dress and high heels, making them well over 6 feet tall. In itself this wasn't an issue; the issue was that the women's bathroom was a distance away and down a corridor. I was nervous to use it in case this person came in. Like many women I am a survivor of childhood abuse, and the idea of a large man potentially being in my personal space was intimidating to the point of leaving the venue earlier than planned. This wouldn't have been an issue (i.e. another human being having dinner and drinks in the venue) if I had certainty that this person wouldn't be allowed to use the female toilets, but self-ID has changed that.

All in all I am becoming more concerned day by day about gender identity ideology, not because I want to discriminate against individuals, but because of legislative changes, the safety of women and children, and freedom of speech. I am at the point where I may have to choose between my beliefs and my job.


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