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Washington State has recently begun transferring violent men - men convicted of rape, sexual depravity, and femicide - who “self-identify” as women to the state’s only female correctional facility in Pierce County. One of these men has already violently raped a vulnerable female inmate in the mental health ward. Another man was suspected of undergoing gender reassignment in order to avoid prosecution for his crimes (he was ultimately convicted of murdering three female sex workers); his “identification” as a woman and transfer to a female correctional facility is now giving him unprecedented access to vulnerable inmates and female guards where he has already engaged in sexual misconduct and attempted rape. Yet another transferred man was convicted of the rape of a 12 year old girl.

According to guards, 150+ men are in line to be transferred to the female correctional facility by the state, simply because they proclaim to be women. Concerned citizens who have filed Public Records Requests to try to get information from the state Department of Corrections are now being sued by the Washington ACLU to block their access to any information about the presence of men being housed with vulnerable women who literally cannot escape them.

Washington State and Jay Inslee (the governor) apparently believe the interests of men, even men who are convicted sexual predators, outweigh the rights of women to be safe and unviolated in their persons.

[*Moderator's note: here is an article about the prison rape, and here is an article about the ACLU's suppression of the information request].


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