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I have always been pro-women's only spaces. My friend and I went to a public toilet recently and there was a man there. He was wearing make up and a dress and high heels (some people think this is what a woman is). My friend, who is a rape survivor, felt immediately fearful. It was a trigger for her to see a man in a place that is designated for women because we need our privacy. I felt very uncomfortable as well because he was looking at us and looked angry. He was tall and big and had a frightening look. I felt fear and invaded in my space. It brought back the same fear women feel when they are not feeling safe. I don't mean to be discriminatory and I don't think I am but for me, this was a man and he was in our space and we did not like it at all. We don't go and invade men's toilets. I believe women are entitled to their own space.


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