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No Conflict, They SAid

In Australia and around the world, legislation is being introduced that replaces sex with gender identity. Advocates insist that there is no conflict of interest. But governments are not collecting data on the impacts of this legislative change. We're worried about the impacts on women of men using women-only spaces, including but not limited to: changing rooms, fitting rooms, bathrooms, shelters, rape and domestic violence refuges, gyms, spas, sports, schools, accommodations, hospital wards, shortlists, prizes, quotas, political groups, prisons, clubs, events, festivals, dating apps, and language. If we can't collect data, we can at least collect stories. Please tell us how your use of women-only spaces has been impacted. All stories will be published anonymously. If you know of other women who have been impacted, please encourage them to tell their stories too.

This site is run from Australia, New Zealand members of the LGB Defence, and Speak Up for Women, supported by LGB Alliance.

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  • Writer's pictureanonymous woman

I have grown up around physical violence from males. I have also experienced rape, sexual assault, and physical assault from males known and unknown to me. My experience of being in bathrooms and having male-bodied people entering these spaces is that I immediately feel uncomfortable. I become hypervigilant, tense, my breathing is more shallow, and I use the facilities and get out as quickly as possible. It is no longer a safe space for me.

I of course do not wish for transgender people to be uncomfortable, but I think there needs to be an equal consideration given to the experiences of women like myself, who need spaces where they too can feel safe. Currently it seems as though people born as women are not having their need to feel safe considered at all.

#australia #bathrooms #publicspaces #trauma #maleviolence #singlesexspaces

  • Writer's pictureanonymous woman

I live near popular shopping hub in Tasmania Australia, and their toilets have been changed to 'men' and an 'all gender' toilet which includes the family and disabled signs. The toilets don't even say woman! It is a clear erasure of women's spaces meanwhile men's spaces remain intact.

#australia #tasmania #bathrooms #allgender #menandother #genderneutral

  • Writer's pictureanonymous woman

I am the founder & CEO of an app for women, where women are able to connect to find roommates, give & get freelance work, lesbian dating, and emotional support. Women are also able to use the app to privately discuss their activism, religious beliefs, mental health, physical health, pregnancy, menopause and much more. The app is ensuring women have a strong female support network in the palm of their hand and can be heard by women around the world.

Because I created this app, I have been called a bigot, transphobe & TERF. I have been sent death threats, rape threats and general violent abuse. I have been silenced by media, institutions and organizations who have declared they will let me speak if I acknowledge that “trans women are women”.

The place I go to have refuge from this abuse is the female app I created. I never thought I would need it as much as I do, but like all women I need to spend time with women. I need the solidarity and support.

In the real world, I need female-only bathrooms & changing rooms. I need to know that the recreational sport I play is fair & safe. I want to know that women in prisons are safe.

My creation of a women-only space has led to abuse. But the women-only space is what saves me.

#australia #appforwomen #apps #virtualspaces #support #sisterhood

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