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In Australia and around the world, legislation is being introduced that replaces sex with gender identity. Advocates insist that there is no conflict of interests. But governments are not collecting data on the impacts of this legislative change. We're worried about the impacts on women of men using women-only spaces, including but not limited to: changing rooms, fitting rooms, bathrooms, shelters, rape and domestic violence refuges, gyms, spas, sports, schools, accommodations, hospital wards, shortlists, prizes, quotas, political groups, prisons, clubs, events, festivals, dating apps, and language. If we can't collect data, we can at least collect stories. Please tell us how your use of women-only spaces has been impacted. All stories will be published anonymously. If you know of other women who have been impacted, please encourage them to tell their stories too.

This site is run from Melbourne, Australia by members of the LGB Alliance Australia.

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The current state of affairs has been in the making for some decades. About 20 years ago I acted pro bono for an Order of nuns who ran, among other charitable programs, a refuge for women and children who had been forced to leave their homes due to domestic violence. A claim was brought against the Order by a trans person, of quite notable size and stature, because they had been refused a place in the refuge. The accomodation provided for the women and children at that time consisted of dormitory style rooms accomodating up to 10 beds. Bathrooms were shared. Despite the fear of many of the women I spoke to living there at the time, the Order was forced into mediation and into allowing trans people to live at the refuge. I doubt very much that the claimant had a need of protection from domestic violence or accommodation in the refuge but was simply aiming to make a test case for others to follow. I was appalled at this outcome and still get annoyed thinking about it to this day. How has it come to the point that biological women and their children who are escaping a violent household should be subject to a male person clearly not biologically female, but merely self-identifying as a 'woman', being allowed by law to live in a facility designed to keep women safe from the fear of male violence?

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I run group therapy for women who have experienced gendered violence such as domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, where the perpetrators are more often than not male (and 100% male in the clients I have worked with).

I am very concerned about the mental health and triggering of PTSD symptoms in these women by allowing trans women who have not fully transitioned or are evidently not female in appearance into the group, because of the triggering effect this may have on the mental health of the women in the group when it is supposed to be a safe space for women, free from triggers which in large part include men due to the abuse suffered.

I can’t advertise that this group is for cis-women only, because of the possibility of losing my registration to practice as a psychologist due to gender identity discrimination, however, I am also ethically obligated to “do no harm” to my clients, and my experiences are that this would be harmful to some of my clients and would result in an environment of silence, hyper vigilance and anxiety, rather than a place of growth, sharing and healing.

While I recognise that trans women are also at very high risk of abuse by men, and need spaces to heal also, they don’t seem to have empathy for cis-women in understanding that being a man, whether or not you identify as one, is one of the biggest PTSD triggers for women who have experienced gendered violence and many women who have been through gendered trauma, need a space that is free from men and people who have at any point identified as men, to be able to share their experiences without fear and feel safe to do so.

I feel an ethical responsibility to these women to protect their safe space for trauma treatment, but am conflicted about how to hold a safe space for these women and still have safe spaces for trans and gender non-conforming individuals as a seperate trauma workshop, without being accused of transphobia or being a TERF.

The fact is, both cis-women and trans women have different needs when it comes to safe group therapy spaces for trauma treatment, but how do we achieve this when we aren’t even allowed to discuss it?

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I have been seeing a somatic therapist regularly for about 5 years and noticed that she has recently included the "she/her" pronouns in her email signature. I have been seeing this therapist for reasons that involve my biology as a female and my lived experience of this, and now feel uncomfortable to speak with her about my experiences as a woman.

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